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Contract Hire Leicester

You might not be familiar with the contract hire Leicester offers but if this is the case then you are not alone. You may also hear people refer to this as an operating lease. Many people forget that this is an option when you want a vehicle. A lot of individuals never look into it as a possibility despite the advantages it can have over buying a vehicle. Many businesses will use it for their fleet but it is great for personal use too.

Why contract hire?
In a lot of situations, it can be better to lease a vehicle than purchase it. A good example is avoiding the work when you sell in the future. You won't have to deal with the hassle of finding a buyer and negotiating on the price.

It can be a pain when you realise that you need to carry out maintenance or servicing on a vehicle. But you can easily include it in the monthly vehicle costs, allowing for better budgeting.

One of the most appealing benefits of contract hire is the fact that a VAT registered business can claim back a lot of the tax, sometimes as much as 100%. This is also a vehicle finance option that can leave you spending significantly less each month than other options. There are potentially huge savings for businesses that could get a whole fleet through leasing.

You won't have to worry so much about the financial investment of owning a vehicle. Another positive is that when you use contract hire, it is easy to get your hands on a new model when the lease period is up. This means you can ensure you have a great image and give your employees the safest, most reliable vehicles.

You have come to the right people
If the greatest deals for contract hire Leicester can provide sound appealing, take a look at what we offer. Move Vehicle Leasing Leicestershire is the perfect solution for your vehicle needs regardless of whether you need a single van or a fleet of cars. Get in contact if you have any queries about our work and call us on 0330 022 7701

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Posted on 28th June 2019 at 12:35 AM

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