Van Leasing Leicester

If you are looking to acquire a new vehicle, don't forget to check out the best offers for car and van leasing at Move Vehicle Leasing Leicestershire. At MVL we offer numerous options for vehicle finance and leasing. As a result we make it easier for our clients to find the right one. 

Leasing is very different to buying. It involves a contract to use the vehicle in exchange for a fixed monthly fee rather than owning it. This is a great move for many people and lets them avoid things like depreciation. 

Need a new van? 
We are happy to arrange van leasing for personal and business use. However, there are a lot of decisions to make before getting a new vehicle. It could be for a business that is just starting out, one that wants to expand their fleet, or someone wanting to replace their old vehicle. Regardless, it is important to think it through carefully. Here are some of the reasons why leasing is such a popular option; 

One of the responsibilities of owning a vehicle is keeping up with regular servicing and maintenance. Rather than worrying about this, choose to include these costs in the monthly payment. 

Manageable payments 
Buying a van requires a huge initial payment but this is drastically smaller with leasing. After this, you will make regular payments each month which allows you to know where you stand. This is great for anyone but it can be especially helpful for small or new businesses. 

An easier option 
You might think that it is easy enough to buy a van but you also have to remember that you will need to sell it in the future. This is a hassle and you have to deal with how much the value of the van has depreciated. The alternative option is to go with leasing where at the end of the set period, all you have to do is hand it back. You can then start looking at other vehicles so that you can get your hands on something new. 

Whether you have an interest in the van leasing broker Leicester enjoys using or one of our other vehicle finance options, you can rely on us. You can find a lot of helpful information on our site and if you need further help, all you need to do is to reach out and call us.

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27th of June 2019