Short Term Car and Van Leasing

We are able to offer short term car and van lease deals to individuals and businesses. Short term leasing, for agreements ranging between 1 and 12 months, has many benefits and offers flexibility. It also allows you to drive a brand new car or van for a specific amount of time but without the longer term commitment associated with contract hire and vehicle leasing.

As a result of our partnerships with several providers of short term leasing, we can help you meet your short term leasing requirements whether you are a private individual, company car driver or business owner.

There are many benefits to short term vehicle leasing, including;

  • No long term commitment
  • Greater flexibility
  • Personal and Business purposes
  • Wide range of makes and models
  • All the advantages of driving brand new vehicles
  • Cheaper than daily rentals 
  • No large down payment and low monthly payments
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Full manufacturer's warranty and breakdown cover included 
  • Nationwide delivery and collection
  • Delivery within 2 weeks (subject to vehicle availability)

Short term vehicle leasing is ideal for a whole range of situations including;

  • If you have a new vehicle on order with a longer than usual waiting period
  • If you have little or no credit history
  • If you have poor credit
  • If you're a new start business or company
  • If your circumstances are about to change and you don’t want to over commit
  • If your business has seasonal fluctuations with a varying need for vehicles
  • If you have new or temporary staff or staff on a probationary period and your business doesn’t want to overcommit

If you need a vehicle for more than 12 months however, a longer term 24 or 36 month contract hire lease may be more suitable.